Used Beverage / Pop Vending Machines

Warehouse stocked with reconditioned pop vending machines –  glass front, big button, wave front, branded & generic.

Reconditioning includes:  

  • Thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Damaged parts repaired or replaced.

  • Fully tested to ensure functionality & good working order.

  • Sanded & touch-ups as needed (with durable paint formulation). Custom wrap of machine available at additional cost.

  • Pre-configured and set up (pricing, spacers, labels, etc).

  • Coin Mech, bill validators & card readers additional cost.

  • 6 month warrenty on compressor & mother board.

  • Delivery across Canada, additional cost.

DN 5800 /RVV 400 / Bev Max 4 Glass Front Vending Machines.•9 rows across, 5 trays = 45 selections•Pepsi, Coke or Aquafina branded•Robot arm•MDB (accepts coins, bills, card reader)Assorted branding and models

Toronto Raptors Pop Vending Machine. Totally refurbished, looks new

combo vending machines

LANDSCAPE VENDERS ‘Bubble Front’  $1,500 and up. Stack Vendor. MDB (accepts coins, bills, card reader) Cans & bottles.. Assorted models & fronts: Coke, Pepsi, Nestea, Gatorade, Powerade

Pop Vending Machine. Landscape Vender style. Assorted models and branding.

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