Custom Vending Machines

Custom Vending Machines

When you think of items that can be dispensed in a vending machine, what comes to mind? We are going to venture a guess and say that it is either snacks or beverages. In the past 15 years, however, vending machines have grown to dispense more than just food and drinks. Now, you can sell just about anything to help you grow your business with custom dispensing machines from

Fitness vending machines not only increase your bottom line, but they also allow your trainers to do what they do best — train! offers fitness merchandisers that offer snacks, beverages, earbuds and towels to your fitness members. We also have lockers available to give members access to larger items, such as fitness equipment and protein powder.

Give customers the capability to access car care products without having to worry about store hours. The Auto Vend Plus+ Car Wash Vending Machine is an outdoor machine that provides car wash supplies and drinks to customers, no matter what time of day they need it. It even allows you to sell products of varying sizes, as most of the trays are reconfigurable. 

Enhance your customers’ laundromat experience with the Laundry Center Vending Machine. It provides patrons easy access to detergents, fabric softeners and other laundry goods, while increasing your center’s profit. It eliminates their frustration by purchasing the products they may have forgotten, without having to leave the facility. Plus, the pull-out, tilt trays are adjustable to fit many shapes of products.

While our machines may not be able to vend bowling balls, they can still provide patrons with supplies that bowlers crave, even when the pro shop is not open. The Ebonite Bowling Supplies Vending Machine has the capability to sell a number of supplies, such as bowling socks, wrist support liners and a bowling towel. Each machine has pricing flexibility that ensures you always have control of your vending machine. offers vending equipment that will add value to any business, including custom dispensing machines. Check out our selection of specialty vending machines 

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