Vending machine professionally reconditioned by technicians with over 30 years experience.

Used Snack Vending Machines For Sale

Warehouse stocked with reconditioned snack vending machines. 

Refurbishing includes:  

  • Throughly cleaned and inspected. Damaged parts repaired or replaced.

  • Fully tested to ensure functionality & good working order.

  • Sanded & touch-ups as needed (with durable paint formulation). Custom wrap of machine available at additional cost.

  • Pre-configured and set up (pricing, spacers, labels, etc).

  • Coin Mech, bill validators & card readers additional cost.

  • 6 month warrenty on compressor & mother board.

  • Delivery across Canada (additional cost).

Crane Millennium 167 Snack Vending Machine

Crane National 168 Millennium with SureVend and MDB. 4 wide snack vending machine, sell chips, chocolates, cookies, pastries, nuts, gums, candies.

Crane 167 Snack Machine SALE

· MDB (accepts coins, bills, card reader), SureVend with SureVend and MDB 5 wide, 6 shelves (1 unit without SureVend = $2,500)

USI 3503 Snack Vending Machine

With SureVend and MDB3 wide, 5 trays, looks like are, barely used. Great for smaller spaces

Crane 430 Food Vending Machine

-Carousel design, Rotating cold food, 9 rows,up to 132 selections available, Shelves 41/8” height.

UPGRADED$1,800 Conversion kit; MDB capability for bill acceptor & card reader

AP LCM Series Snack Vending Machine Branded Kit Kat. With SureVend and MDB. Similar to Crane 167 operationally.

Crane 993

· 5 wide, 6 shelves, MDB capable, Capacity: 35 to 40 selections of chips, pastry, or candy. Dimension: HxWxD 72”x 38”x35”

Crane 147

Crane 148 4 wide with MDB and SureVend.

Crane 432 Food Vending Machine:

•9 rows, rotating turret. Each shelf 5” height

•54 – 216 selections depending on configuration.

•40” W 33” D x 72” H, Weight: 800 lbs

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