Water Coolers


Purified water is one of the best things for you. It is free from bacteria, contaminants and chlorine. Installing bottleless water coolers for your office, factory, educational or medical facility is a great way to save money, improve your environmental footprint and get better water quality and taste.

We offer different types of filters based on the water cooler type. From reverse osmosis to three stage filtration units and carbon purifiers. Our carbon purifiers filter your water to remove contaminants, chlorine and other waterborne bad tastes and odours. Carbon makes for the ultimate filter because it’s amazingly porous so it grabs and holds onto impurities from pesticides to lead, petro-chemicals to microscopic cysts, and removes toxins and discoloration. What are you left with? Clear, fresh water. Just like it should be.

Stylish features such as stainless steel accents, LED displays, floor model or counter top sizes. 

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