Used Combo Vending Machines For Sale

Warehouse stocked with reconditioned combo vending machines.

Reconditioning includes:  

  • Throughly cleaned and inspected. Damaged parts repaired or replaced.

  • Fully tested to ensure functionality & good working order.

  • Sanded & touch-ups as needed (with durable paint formulation). Custom wrap of machine available at additional cost.

  • Pre-configured and set up (pricing, spacers, labels, etc).

  • Coin Mech, bill validators & card readers additional cost.

  • 6 month warrenty on compressor & mother board.

  • Delivery across Canada, additional cost.

AMS 89 Combo Vending Machine

Starting at $3,400

20 Snack 9 Drink Combo Vending Machine 217 snack items, 136 beverages, Electronic Controller, iVend® Delivery Sensor System, can take coin, bill and card reader. Eco-friendly with low power consumption.

iVend Combo Vending Machine (Out of Stock)

Small footprint combo vending machine. 18 Cold drink, 11 Snack selection, Multi payment system capable. Eco, energy efficient design. Ultra secure locking. Infrared verified vend sensors eliminates misvends. Dimensions: 24” D x 29.5” W x 72” H (8” header extra)

Combo Vending Machine Series 2 used $3,500 . Can be wrapped with custom carbon graphite wrap.

AMS Senset Combo Vending Machine

Crane 475 Crane 474 Combo Vending Machine

AMS Healthy Vend Combo Vending Machine. MDB and SureVend.Set up for beverage only

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