How Much can a Vending Machine Make a Month?

There are few things more important than having a stable income. Money is the tool that allows people to have the kind of experiences they want in life. The difficult part is figuring out the best way to do it. Well, imagine if you could just buy a device, stock it full of food and drink and watch the money roll in. That device is real and it’s called a vending machine. But just how profitable are they? This article will discuss the economics of how much a vending machine can make in a month.

Vending machine economics

There is a range of different factors that determine how much money a machine will make. The most important factors in this equation are location, profit per item, and monthly expenses. Obviously, there is no point in having a machine full of tasty treats in a location without hungry customers. Furthermore, ensuring the machine is stocked with items that allow for the greatest price markup will help maximize returns. Not all vending machines are equal. How profitable the machine will be is dependent on how successfully the above factors have been addressed.

How much can a vending machine make?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – how much can a vending machine actually make in a month? The average profit per machine can range from $600 – $900 a month. This figure encompasses the net profit after all monthly expenses have been paid. The strategic positioning of the machine and the right pricing will dramatically impact its profitability. Furthermore, managing the monthly expenses will also impact the machine’s ability to generate profit.

Monthly Expenses

Vending machines have minimal monthly expenses when compared to other business models. Although, there are still costs in keeping the machine in operation. The main monthly expenses in the vending business are stocking, rent, and maintenance/cleaning. It is often the case that owners have to pay rent on the location of the machine. This cost usually amounts to 5% – 20% of monthly sales. Furthermore, there is also the cost of restocking the machine with products and periodic maintenance and cleaning. The average monthly restock will cost operators around $200. Finally, if the vending machine itself is not owned outright then there will be a monthly rental/repayment fee that must be considered.


The initial investment required to enter the vending machine game is relatively small. Furthermore, the amount of time and money required to operate the machine is also relatively small. This makes the business perfect for folks looking to top up their monthly income. It may not make you the next Steve Jobs but operating a vending machine can be a profitable endeavor. Contact now to learn more about how much this machine can make a month.

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