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Check out our line of beautiful new vending machines including pop, snack, fresh food, and combo.  Complete with a two – one year warranty. We ship across Canada.



Get all of your favorite refreshments in one place with a snack and drink combo vending machine! Chips, candy, pastries, gum and mints, soda, juices, bottled water and even dairy products can be made available through combo vending machines. Our snack and drink combo machines feature various selections of snacks and beverage options, along with optional credit card capabilities. Additionally, they include a chilled option for the snack side, which prevents your chocolate candies from melting. The drink side of this combination drink and snack vending machine has the capability to dispense canned and bottled beverages, up to 24 ounces. These features, and many more, make it a complete snack and beverage vending machine for your customers.

Our combination drink and snack vending machines are built with two separate temperature zones in order to ensure the optimal temperature in your vending machine. This keeps your drink selections remain icy cold while your cookies and chips remain at a normal temperature

The Specifications of  Snack Drink Combo Vending Machine

Model XY-SLY-9C-001(LD)  Touch Vending Machine
Size 1940mm(H) X1415mm(W)X1080mm(D)
Color White, black(OEM)
Weight 250kg
Interior storage 6 layers
Commodity storage 600pcs
Power supply 110V-220V/50-60Hz
Payment System Bill, coin, Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol)
Payment way WeChat QR Pay, Ali QR Pay, Membership card/IC card payment
Delivery methods Spring, Belt, Hook(OPTION)
Warranty 1 year
Package plastic sheet for moisture-proof with carton packing
Standard interface MDB/DEX/RS232

The Features of vms Combo Vending Machine with Card Reader

  • The touch vending machine with 49 inch touch screen to choose the goods more convenient and visual advertising present.
  • With refrigeration system using R134a refrigerating fluid, in line with international green environmental protection requirement.
  • Application: Bank, Supermarket, Airport, Train station, Hospital, Railway, Museum etc.
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