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Crane Coffee Vending Machine 634 SALE

The Crane coffee machine is a popular choice for coffee lovers and cafes alike. This machine is known for its durability, reliability, and ease of use. Here are some specifications of the Crane coffee machine. buy Crane Coffee

The weight of the Crane coffee machine can vary depending on the specific model, but on average, it weighs around 120 pounds (54.4 kg). This weight makes it sturdy and durable.

Length and width:
Again, the length and width of the Crane coffee machine can vary depending on the model, but most models measure around 24 inches (61 cm) in length and 18 inches (45.7 cm) in width. These dimensions make it compact enough to fit on most countertops, yet large enough to handle high-volume brewing.

The Crane coffee machine has a large brewing capacity, which is ideal for high-traffic cafes and coffee shops. It can brew up to 3 gallons (11.4 liters) of coffee per hour. Crane Coffee,This means that you can serve multiple cups of coffee at once without worrying about the machine slowing down or overheating.

The diameter of the Crane coffee machine varies depending on the specific model, but most models have a diameter of around 12 inches (30.5 cm). This diameter is perfect for holding the brewing equipment, such as the coffee pot and filter basket.

In conclusion, the Crane coffee machine is a reliable, durable, and high-capacity coffee machine that is perfect for cafes and coffee shops. With its compact size and large brewing capacity, it can handle high-volume brewing while still fitting on most countertops. Its weight, length, width, capacity, and diameter all make it a great choice for coffee enthusiasts who want a machine that can deliver consistent and high-quality coffee.

crane vending machine

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