Crane 147 vending machine


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Crane 147

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Crane vending machine

Crane vending machine

The Crane 147 vending machine is a popular model of vending machine that has been around for several decades. It is known for its durability, reliability, and versatility. Crane 147 vending machine, This vending machine is commonly found in schools, offices, and public spaces due to its ability to hold a wide range of products.

In terms of its physical specifications, the Crane  machine has a weight of approximately 800 pounds. Its length is around 72 inches, while its width is approximately 39 inches. The machine stands at a height of around 72 inches as well. These dimensions make it a relatively large vending machine that can hold a considerable number of products.

The Crane  machine has a capacity of up to 40 selections of items, which includes a range of snacks, drinks, and other products. The machine is designed with a flexible configuration that allows for different sizes and shapes of products to be accommodated. The machine also has a change-making mechanism that can provide change for bills and coins.

The diameter of the vending machine is not typically listed as a specification, but it is safe to assume that the machine is circular in shape, with a diameter that is likely to be around 39 inches, which is the width of the machine.

In conclusion, the Crane  machine is a heavy, yet versatile and durable machine that has been around for many years. It can hold a considerable number of products and is designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes and shapes. Its specifications, including its weight, length, width, capacity, and diameter, make it a suitable choice for many public spaces.


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